The Nightshift: World News 6 December 2018

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A Presidential Funeral

Huawei Executive Arrested/Trade War Implications?

The Yellow Vest Revolt


The Nightshift publishes direct links to the world’s greatest English language newspapers to facilitate research and encourage understanding of the world’s events of the day. The links are below. You are strongly encouraged to visit the sites below for news, perspective, and information that is not readily available via mainstream American media. Also, please note that new sites and links are added on a regular basis. We’ve added the link to the NOAA to enable readers to track hurricanes, winter storms,  and other weather events. With the dangerous winter storms now in play, it’s a good place to check out. 

Today is St. Nicholas Day. This day celebrates St. Nicholas, who sold all of his possessions to help the sick and the poor and devoted his life to service for those less fortunate…..a very good role model. Coming right after the eulogies and appreciation of the life of George H.W. Bush, maybe we’re getting a message. And maybe, this time, we’ll be receptive to it. And, finally, it’s not a coincidence that St. Nicholas and Santa Claus are linked in our culture. 

One other note: as originally published, we featured a series of photos from our friends at Getty Images. Late in the day, the images were no longer available and had to be replaced. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank Getty, again, for sharing. 

The Front Page Links

The Times (London

Financial Times (UK)

The Irish Times (Dublin, Ireland)

The Wall Street Journal (European edition)

Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)

New York Times (New York)

The Boston Globe (Boston)

The Guardian

The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles)

Daily News Egypt (Cairo)

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

The Moscow Times (Moscow)

Italian Newspapers in English

Le Figaro (Paris) (New York)

The Jerusalem Post (Jerusalem)

The Japanese Times (Tokyo)

The Local (Oslo)

The Local (Italy)

Sputnik (Moscow)

The Buenas Aires Herald (Buenas Aires)

The Sidney Morning Herald (Sidney)

Deadline Hollywood (Hollywood)

FiveThirtyEight (New York City)

Politico (Washington, DC)

Lawfareblog (Washington, DC)

Wired (San Francisco, CA)

The Weather Channel

CNN News Text Site

Ars Technica  

Agence France-Presse

McClatchy DC Bureau



Oil Prices Dot Com

Air Force Times

Straits Times (Singapore)

NOAA/National Hurricane Center (Miami)

The Fine Print. Image courtesy of, who have the photographic history of the 20th and 21st century on file. All rights belong to them or their designate. This image has not been altered in anyway. We thank them for sharing.  This post is number 2075 for this site (we stay busy overnight). The Nightshift is a continually evolving experiment in news communications and is a production of Perception Engineering and The Media Bunker. It’s rapid iteration within a surprisingly wide bandwidth. Thanks for reading. Now–catch up on the world .

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