The Year in Lists: 2018

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Well, here it is, the end of the year and after the Crush of Christmas, we now flow into the end-of-the-year lists that provide, in shorthand, an overview of what happened during the year, as in “Year’s 10 Best Movies” or “2018’s 5 Best New Salad Dressings.” Always compelling new stuff and to save you from the PITA that comes from looking up all these lists on your own, the Perception Engineering and Media Bunker staff have done the hard clicking for you. Please find below, the year 2018, as defined by lists; above, of course, leading off this post, is the Associated Press review of their biggest stories of the year. New lists will be added on a regular basis. Read our lists and be the most informed person in the room on what actually happened in a tumultuous, wild, unpredictable, incredible, outrageous, ground-breaking year.

And…get ready for more of the same in 2019.

Happy New Year


The Year in Lists: 2018

All The Things We Thought About This Year (The Cut)

Five Times The Internet Was Fun in 2018 (New York Times) 

Best Products of 2018 (CNET)

The Year in Pictures (CNN)

Best Movies of 2018 (Esquire)

Best Music of 2018 (NPR)

Biggest Business Stories of 2018 (Chief Executive)

The 2018 Sports Year (MSN)

Trump’s Year in Numbers(Politico)

Which 2020 Candidates Won 2018 (Politico)

The 25 Best TV Shows of 2018 (TV Guide)

The Year in Fashion (English Vogue)

Most Popular Automobile Stories of 2018 (Automobile)

Top 10 Most Read Medical Stories of 2018 (American Council on Science and Health)

Most Popular Medical News Articles in 2018 (Medical News Today)

10 Largest Venture Capital Rounds of 2018 (TechCrunch)

The Year in Art (Financial Times) 

The Year in Artificial Intelligence (NewAtlas)

The Year in Wealth Management (

World Energy Investments 2018 (WEI)

World in Charts 2018 (Bloomberg)

Winter Olympics 2018 Medal Count(

A Timeline of 2018’s Sexual Harassment Scandals( AJC)

Celebrity Scandals of 2018 (Fox News)

Year in Politics 2018 (NBC News)

Pictures of the Year 2018(Reuters)

The Most Read Security Stories of 2018(Wired)

The Moments of the Year in F1 (F1)

Oil: 2018 in Review (

The 10 Biggest M&A Deals in 2018(USA Today)

10 Cocktail Dresses to Wear for New Year’s Eve (

Year in Search(Google)

Top Songs of 2018 (Billboard)

50 Best Films of 2018 (imdb)

Top 10 Military Stories of 2018 (

Best Sex Stories of 2018 (Lifehacker)

Top Broadway Shows of 2018 (EW)

All of the Beauty Drama of 2018 (TheCut)

Best Skis of the Year (Powder Magazine)

2018 Cocktails of the Year (Business Insider)

Residential Real Estate 2018 (cision)

Top 10 Golf Newsmakers of 2018 (GolfWRX)

10 Best Video Games of 2018 (Den of Geek)

The 25 Most Popular Recipes of 2018 (BonAppetit)

10 Best Laptops of 2018 (Tech Radar)

2018 TV Screens of the Year (CNET)

Top Celebrity Divorces in 2018(Harper’s Bazaar)

The Sports Year in Pictures (

The Lives We Lost in 2018 (Bloomberg)

Infectious Diseases 2018(CDC)

Best Trips of 2018 (CNN)

Ten Best Game Re-Issues of 2018 (Eurogamer)

50 Best Albums of 2018 (The Guardian)

Best Documentaries of 2018 (Esquire)

A Year of Rex Reed Movie Reviews (The Observer)

Most Dangerous People on the Internet in 2018(Wired)

Top Party Schools of 2018(Maxim)

Essential Windows Apps for 2018 (Lifehacker)

Colors of the Year (99 Designs)

Top 5 Beauty Pagent Winners of 2018 (YouTube/Hi Miss TV)









The Fine Print: The Year in List is compilation of hyperlinks to stories, lists, and data that define the year, assembled by Perception Engineering and the Media Bunker; title and editorial component design copyright (c)2018, donald pierce, all rights reserved. If you want to link to this list–that’s fine. Just, please, give us credit (as we do for all the sources we link to). We thank each of the publishing sources above for the work involved in producing each list; someone did a lot of research and we are delighted to be able to share this information, data, and viewpoints with you. Have a great 2019. See you next year. 






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